Business Insurance Experts for Geelong

The wide world of business provides a remarkable amount of variety. Each business operates differently, is geared differently, and operates in a distinct manner from its peers, all among hundreds of different sectors in action across Australian industry. Little wonder, then, that the insurance needs of each firm will vary heavily from one to the next.

At Archer Insurance, our personalised methods are a reflection of our respect for the diversity of business ventures in Australia. We realise that the one-size-fits-all solution is ill-suited to business here; the needs of the service industry are worlds apart from those in technology, and so on. At Archer, we make a point of pointing out where and why you will need protection, transparently pointing out where it is needed and unneeded, and securing your firm for a great price.

Our comprehensive brokerage covers anything from physical damage, to business interruption, theft, employee dishonesty, machinery breakdowns, public and product liability, tax investigation and audits, and indemnity on computers and electronic equipment. During your consultations, we will go to great lengths to put together a plan that ensures that your coverage suits you, and that you aren’t paying for redundant or unnecessary services. Our membership in the Steadfast Group of Australian insurers offers us access to a huge community of insurance providers and lenders, and gives us the chance to get the best possible rates for our valued client base.

At Archer, we provide personalised business insurance solutions for Geelong and the surrounding area. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients are happy with their coverage. Contact us today to find out more!